Monday, May 24, 2010

Get Better!

Summer is a great time to take a break from school, relax your mind and body and spend quality time with your friends and family, however it is also a great time for self reflection and improvement.  Don't waste the summer away. Make a promise to yourself to go back to school a better person.

1. Learn a new skill. Take it upon yourself to learn a new technology skill, how to cook, grill, or fix something around the house.  In other words make yourself better and more equipped when you return to school.  

2. Work on your body. Stop sitting in the house watching TV and playing video games.  Ride a bike, play sports, work out and get your body tight.  Whatever you do. Keep it moving!  Focus on eating healthier foods.  Fruits and vegetables are at their best this time of year.  Enjoy.

3. Read. Set a goal to read at least 3 books, 1 novel, 1 history, 1 self improvement.

4. Educate. Think about subjects that challenged you last year and what courses you have coming up and focus on learning more about those subject.  Have a hard math clas next semester? Find the book online and start going through it, so when school starts back up you already have it nailed.

5. Work. Look for a job or not-for-profit to work for.  You can make some money, learn about the skills that it takes to get and keep a job and help people in the process. 

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