Career Personality Test

This Career Personality test was designed to give you an accurate description of your personality type. You will receive details about your traits, strengths and weaknesses that are relevant to career selection and success. You will also receive a list of jobs and careers that suit you best. It takes most people about 3-5 minutes. It’s free, interesting and could put you on your road to success. Start now!!!

For each question, select the one answer that comes closest to how you feel.

1) When I hear about a controversial or dramatic event:
2) I like it best when a person can:
3) When describing an event I’ve attended, I’m best at:
4) Realistically, I’m more about:
5) My value to a cutting edge company like Apple or Google would be:
6) In making big decisions I rely on both the facts and intuition. When it’s close, I’m going with:
7) I would prefer to read a book for pleasure that is:
8) I would be most interested to learn:
9) Compared to others I am:
10) I feel like I am:
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