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If you've decided to advance in your studies and go to college or graduate school, you will have to write a personal statements for your applications as well as scholarships.  A personal statement is a unique part of the school application that is used by the admissions team to evaluate your writing and critical thinking skills. While this may seem like a daunting task, if you want to get into a college or university and earn scholarships, you will have to be able to draft a personal statement that will convey your intentions as a student and professional. Here are some helpful tips for writing a personal statement.

Plan Ahead to Give Yourself Adequate Time to Write Your Personal Statement.

This is where many students start off on the wrong foot. In order to write an effective personal statement or letter of intent, you will need to start planning weeks in advance. Writing the personal statement can be one of your toughest challenges, but by giving yourself enough time to research and formulate what you want to say, your work will be much better than if you rushed to try to put something together in a couple of hours.

Get Feedback and Support from Others.

When writing your personal statement, consider getting the support and feedback of others who have gone through the process. Check with your high school or college advisors, professors or the writing lab available at your school. Get examples of well-written personal statements and review them carefully to come up with a master plan for writing yours. Once you have written something, submit it for critique and then be prepared to make the corrections needed to make it shine.

Keep Your Personal Essay Simple and to the Point.

The biggest mistake that many students make when trying to write a personal statement is writing a piece that is too complicated or wordy. Avoid using big words and run-on sentences, as they will make it difficult to get your message across. Use words that flow naturally, and be sure to read your essay outloud several times to make sure it makes sense.

Follow the Guidelines for Your Personal Statement.

Your college should provide written guidelines to follow when writing a personal statement. If the college states one to two pages, do not exceed these limits. If you are required to use double-spaced lines, be sure to format your text accordingly. By all means, check your paper for spelling and grammatical errors. The results will be much more favorable for you if you understand and complete your personal statement according to these guidelines.

Oh.and have a great time at the school of your choice!!!

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