Rapper and entrepreneur "50 Cent" has announced another great business venture, this time with a philanthropic twist. Go Fity!
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Do you enjoy participating in group discussions and sharing your opinions with others? You could get paid to do just that if you participate in focus groups. Companies that create the products and services you use every day hire market research firms to conduct focus groups because consumer feedback helps them improve their offerings.
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The Emily Bowen Foundation is offering minority students who are interested in careers in media, 4 year paid summer internships, where you'll get the opportunity to work with top media companies like CNN, HBO, NBC, ABC, Comcast, Starcom and many others ON LOCATION
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Gain the most, get the most, and have the most fun during your summer break. If you plan it right, you can return to school refreshed, energized, with cash in your pocket and a leg up on the competition.
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Want to help reduce society's carbon footprint and make a living doing it? Better yet, do you want to look out on the horizon and see where the next wave of jobs will be so you can be where the action is first.
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Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini today announced a $3.5 billion initiative to support investment in U.S.-based growth-oriented industries and detailed a commitment to significantly increase jobs available this year for recent college graduates.
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