Monday, June 6, 2011

Have fun, but get it in!

Ah, the joys of summer. From the warm weather to the break you get from the classroom, what isn't there to love about this time of year? Summer's all about relaxing and enjoying yourself, whether that means getting together with friends for a barbeque, reading a book by the poolside, or taking off to the beach for a weekend.

While it's necessary for you to take it easy during your summer vacation, you probably don't want to toss your major life goals aside for the sake of having fun, either. You'll be back in class in matter of weeks, so it's a good idea to keep your mind sharp while you're away. Otherwise, you may find yourself lagging behind your classmates when school starts again!

You can also use the summertime as an opportunity to acquire more skills and knowledge that beef up your resume. Here are some productive, enriching ways to spend your time this summer, in between those poolside naps and impromptu weekend trips.

1.     Study for the Most Challenging Upcoming Classes

Taking some tough courses in the upcoming school year? Don't wait till the last minute to hit the books. If you don't want to fall behind and have trouble completing your assignments, start familiarizing yourself with the course content now.

2.     Start a Business

Now is the perfect time to test your entrepreneurial chops. Not only will starting a mini business on the side allow you to save money, it'll also show future employers that you're a driven go-getter. From setting up a freelance web design business to walking your neighbors' dogs, there are a variety of businesses you can start with little to no cash; it doesn't have to be complex.

3.     Get in Shape

One of the biggest excuses you hear from people who are out of shape and overweight is that they "don't have time to exercise." If you've noticed yourself utter these words more than once, consider taking the extra time your summer vacation offers to get your health back on track. Getting into shape is essential if you want to look good, feel good, and have optimal mental performance.

4.     Do Charity Work

Help those in need by doing some charity work this summer. Some ideas include volunteering at a local women's shelter, spending time with at-risk youth, and participating in community cleanup projects. Doing volunteer work has many benefits, in addition to making your community and the world a better place. Volunteering also helps you make new contacts and friends and gives your resume an edge.

5.     Learn a Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language requires time and commitment, so there's no better time than summer to start learning one. Not only have studies shown that learning a foreign language correlates with higher academic performance, it is also a skill that employers value. Plus, knowing how to speak a foreign language will serve you well whenever you travel or come into contact with people who speak that particular language.

Article by: O'Conner

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