Sunday, April 24, 2011

Get that diploma and get that job.

The job market has been brutal, especially for new graduates with little or no experience.   However there is light on the horizon.  A report by the National Association of Colleges and Employers finds that this year's graduates will enjoy sunnier employment conditions than those who graduated last year, writes USA Today. Employers are reporting plans to hire 19% more graduates this year according to a survey of 174 schools that ran from February to April.

 The increase in open positions means employers have half as many applicants per job now than at this time last year: 21.1 applicants per job vs. 40.5 in 2010.

The experience of the graduates themselves seems to be bearing this out. According to Lonnie Dunlap, the Director of Career Services at Northwestern University, many of his students are reporting multiple job offers this year, "which we're thrilled about."

The Association's report found that the highest-paid major for 2011 was chemical engineering with a starting salary of over $65,000. However, the industry with the most job openings is accountant which will need to fill a projected 7,244 spots.

A Michigan State University employer survey polled 4,600 companies and found that they will be hiring 10% more bachelor's degree holders this year - the first increase in two years.

We expect to see science, technology, engineering, business services and sales to become red hot in the next 24 months.  Again the key is to get the right degree.   

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