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Tell Them What You Think And Get Paid

( Do you enjoy participating in group discussions and sharing your opinions with others? You could get paid to do just that if you participate in focus groups. Companies that create the products and services you use every day hire market research firms to conduct focus groups because consumer feedback helps them improve their offerings.

Focus groups are essentially round table discussions about product concepts, ads, services, packaging, etc. Typically, around 10-15 people participate in focus groups and the discussions last one to two hours, but sometimes longer. You will be compensated anywhere from $50 to $300 for your time. Some companies may give you free products or services instead of a monetary reward.

What to Expect

At first, it might feel intimidating to join in a group discussion with a room full of strangers, but most people find that it's an enjoyable experience. You will most likely have a lot in common with the other participants selected since the market research company picked you for the same reasons. Focus group discussions can be about anything from breakfast cereal to video games to body lotion, and participants generally receive refreshments. A market research professional moderates the discussions, which often turn out to be lively and interesting.

How to Find Focus Groups

To find focus groups in your area, visit the websites of market research companies. You can get your name listed in their databases by contacting them and filling out a questionnaire. Another way to find market research opportunities is to go the jobs section of Craigslist in your city and click on "ETC." There are always market research companies posting recruitment ads in that section of Craigslist in major cities.

Once you sign up with several market research companies in your area, don't wait by the phone. Most people expect to get contacted immediately after signing up, but it could be months before a company contacts you because they may not need anyone in your demographic for a while. You'll only be invited to join a focus group if you fit the description of a particular product's target market.

Market research companies generally prefer working with participants who are employed because it means they have more purchasing power. Whether or not you're employed, be honest when you fill out questionnaires for market research companies. If you lie in a questionnaire and the company finds out, it will sabotage your chances of getting picked to participate in future focus groups with that company.

You can increase the likelihood of getting calls to participate in focus groups by signing up with as many companies as possible. Below is a list of market research firms with offices throughout the country:

Article by: O'Conner

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