Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Howard University's Innovative Alternative Spring Break program
Most college students are planning to waste time and money over spring break, partying hard, drinking till they vomit, and doing other things that might get them into trouble. Howard University is encouraging its students to engage in a more enlightened use of its time over spring break, by helping the students to raise money for a trip to support the people of Haiti.

WHUR, the Howard University radio station and one of the leading stations in the DC area, is helping the students raise the $150,000 that they will need in order to make the trip. The station is holding a radiothon to raise money on Sunday, March 6th from 6 am until 6 pm. In addition to going to Haiti, the students plan to go to other cities across the United States in order to provide "critical services to those in need." The students plan to travel to Haiti, Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans and Atlanta, in addition to providing support in the Washington DC area.

The initiative stems from Howard University's innovative Alternative Spring Break program, where students are encouraged to skip the mindless spring breaks of the past and do something good for their community. The current trip will cover 500 students, including undergraduate, graduate and law students. They will leave on Saturday March 12th and return on Saturday, March 19th. Those who wish to donate can do so by going to

Article by: Boyce Watkins, PhD

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