Thursday, December 2, 2010

[men-tawr, -ter]

The word "mentor" comes from the Greek word for "steadfast" and "enduring." Mentoring is the one-to-one or group relationship that one or more adults develop with one or more young people to help them develop and succeed.


  • Takes place via the Internet and allows mentors and mentees to develop their relationship by exchanging messages online.
  • Makes mentoring available to mentors and young people who otherwise might not be able to meet easily because of time or travel constraints. 
  • Helps participants learn more about high-tech communications and improve their writing skills. 
  • Offers youth the opportunity to develop a relationship with one or more adults. (Some programs have a group of adults who mentor a group of young people. For instance, a group of engineers might advise an entire classroom of students.) 
  • Offers young people a great way to learn about potential careers. 
  • Enables students to work with mentors on special projects.
  • Improves self-esteem
  • Helps improve academic skills
  • Providing support for new behaviors, attitudes and ambitions
  • Increases young people's ability to seek and keep jobs
January is National Mentoring Month.  If you would like to be a mentor or connect with a strong role model, please watch this space for exciting opportunities to connect with bright young minds.  Bring your friends!

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