Friday, July 2, 2010

A moment that can change your life!

When you're a teen it's usually nice to be driving.  You're going somewhere you like, surrounded by your tight crew of friends.   Life is good, until you glance in your rear-view mirror and see a cop car rolling up on you close.   You panic, while trying figure out what you've done wrong.   Is there something wrong on the car?  Maybe a moving violation?  Perhaps a "Wanted" friend?  Then the flashing lights come on, confirming your worst of fears.  They want you.  Definitely you.     

What you do next in this situation could change your life.  So don't screw it up.    

When the police lights come on behind you.

1. Slow down and signal your intentions

Put on your turn signal, and reduce your speed.  This acknowledges the police officer and signals to him that you intend to stop.    

2. Stop the vehicle in a safe area.

Pick the first spot that is safe enough for the officer to exit his car without the risk of getting hit by other drivers.  If it's at night, pull over under the brightest lit area, so the officer has better visibility into your car.

Police POV:  "If they keep driving for more than a block or pass several ideal spots to pull over, I get real suspicious.  They may be hiding something, retrieving a weapon, or planning some hostile actions."   Don't cruise too long.

3. Kill the noise.

Turn off your music and tell your passengers to be quiet unless the officer addresses them directly.  Don't let your friends get you into trouble.  Don't let your Li'l Wayne CD irritate the officer. 

4. Keep Both Hands on the Steering Wheel

As the officer approaches your vehicle, don't go reaching for your wallet, purse, or inside your glove box or console. 

Police POV:   "When I am approaching a car I've pulled over and the occupants start reaching for things, I'm inclined to reach for a thing of my own."  

Keep your hands on the wheel while the officer approaches and don't reach for your license or registration or anything until he asks you.

5. Do NOT get out of the car. 

Getting out of the car is viewed as an aggressive move.  You can't fight while in the car, so that is where most officers want you to remain until directed otherwise.


No matter what the officer says or does, remain calm and be respectful. Address the officer as "Officer" or "Sir".  He has the power to do many things that can make your life miserable.  Cursing, yelling or threatening will only worsen your situation.

Conclusion:  Police officers are amongst the most powerful people that you will encounter on the street.  They are sanctioned to detain you for breaking the law or for simply acting suspicious.  Police are trained experts with an arsenal of weapons which they can use against you at their discretion.      Whatever you may think of our friends in blue, please do not play with them, because they won't play with you.     They may not only cost you money and aggravation with a ticket or stay in the clink, they can cause you great bodily harm or even take your life.

We've all seen Rodney King and other "police beat down" videos.  You don't want to be on TV like you?

You probably have a few friends who could use this them a favor and share it with them now, before it's too late.  

Our research came from New York City and Chicago Police Officers.

Article by: Reggie Dunlop/ Wandi Stewart for

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