Thursday, April 11, 2013

Much love for you...

On Wednesday April 10, First Lady Obama came to Chicago to talk, listen and make a rock solid, from the heart, commitment to the youth of Chicago to do everything in her power to stop the violence, which is destroying our people and our city.   She first keynoted the Mayor Emanuel’s luncheon for his Working Together for Safer Communities and Brighter Futures Initiative.   Herself in tears, she brought what appeared to be half of the rooms 800 business and community leaders to tears as she share with us her pain for Chicago’s teen victims and why she will work so hard for them.      She then went to Harper High School on the cities south and the scene of 29 shootings this year to spend quality time with the students to let them know how much she cares about them.   Ronald Ligon, 16 had this to say after expressing to the First Lady his fear of just walking down the street, She said that she would do everything in her power to stop the violence that goes on.  I know that she really does care.  Now I feel this is a new beginning for me.”

Yes, there has been a lot of talk of stopping the violence in the past, but this effort initiated by Mayor Emanuel, Spearheaded by Chicago businessman Jim Reynolds, and passionately supported by First Lady Obama will really make a change.   We believe!  

Article by: 4by

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