Monday, April 9, 2012

100% going to college!

This is the third year in a row that the all-male charter school with students from Chicago's rough and tumble South and Westside neighborhoods is sending its entire senior class to college.

Yes! All 86 seniors graduating from the all-male school have not only beaten the odds by graduating from high-school, but received acceptance letters to college along with their diplomas.

This year's class had some rock stars like Vernon Cheeks, who was accepted to 14 schools, according to CBS Chicago. "It taught me how to be resilient. It also taught me how to be accountable for my own actions," he told the station of his experience in the program.

The school also boasts an impressive "persistence" record this year--83 percent of 2010 Urban Prep graduates who went on to college have stayed there, compared to a national average of 35 percent among African-American males, according to the Chicago Tribune.

We applaud the work that Urban Prep and their supporters have done not just for these young men, but for their families, their communities and the country as a whole.  These men will grow up and pay taxes, be role models and help rebuild America.   Amen!

Article by: r. Dunlop

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