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5 day career lesson plans

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Date                                                                Grade                                                                                      Subject:

Teacher:                                                         Unit/Title:  Career Preparation                                             Lesson #:  Lesson 1A


Objectives:   Student will: gain exposure to careers; prioritize career choices; understand education/work force relationship

 State Standards:                    (applicable state standards) research, library skills, technology, oral presentation skills

Lesson/Subject Materials:     student prepared portfolio, 4blackyouth.com site,

Anticipatory Set/Focus:



"I do":

Guided Practice

"We do":

Check Understanding:

Independent Practice :"You do":



Introductory discussion with opening question "What career would you like to pursue?"

Define career, occupation and job.  Explain objectives and end-of-lesson project.

Demonstration of career choice process.

Begin hand-out activities.  "What careers are best for me?"

Review concept of career choice as a concept. Class activities review.

Home work: finish "what careers .." hand-out and  complete values/interest/abilities checklist.

Q and A.  Open discussion with students who have made career choices.


Introduce "Occupations" handout.

Discuss education and occupation. Key 85% of new careers require more than HS

Discuss/display relationship of career choices and education.  Career choices and interests.

Continue with handouts.  Brainstorming Careers " page.

 Review career choice as a process.  Career as educational process

Homework: Complete brainstorming page. Write Q and A: "What are my career interests and why

Q and A. Open discussion with students on their 5 top career choices


Introduce Occupational Outlook Handbook.  Introduce computer resource.

Distribute "Career Exploration" handout. Introduce 4blackyouth site as resource

Display sample portfolio and completed worksheets

Begin preparing presentation, complete research, find role-model

Review all handouts and materials for presentation

Complete all handouts. Prepare for presentation.

Q and A on all steps for presentation.


Review Career Exploration hand-out.  Review requirement for presentation.

Display/discuss completed projects.


Assist with projec5s.

Work on presentation find bios or role models in chosen career

Review student progress.

Complete presentation project

Answer final questions on project, correct rough drafts


Set aside for presentations.


Classroom presentation

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