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Claims Adjuster, Appraiser, Examiner
“We check claims and take names !”
Individuals and businesses purchase insurance policies to protect against monetary losses.
The Job
Adjusters investigate claims by interviewing the claimant and witnesses, consulting police and hospital records, and inspecting property damage to determine the extent of the company's liability. Adjusters may consult with other professionals, such as accountants, architects, construction workers, engineers, lawyers, and physicians, who can offer a more expert evaluation of a claim.
Work Environment
Working environments of claims adjusters, appraisers, examiners, and investigators vary greatly.
College Majors
No formal education requirements, a high school degree is typically the minimal requirement needed to obtain employment.
Minimum Qualifications
Training and entry requirements vary widely for claims adjusters, appraisers, examiners, and investigators. Although many in these occupations do not have a college degree, most companies prefer to hire college graduates.
Personality traits helpful for this career
Good interviewing and interrogation skills also are important and usually are acquired in earlier careers in law enforcement.
Quick Facts
  • Employment is expected to increase moderately, but many job openings will arise from the need to replace workers who retire or leave for other reasons.
  • Licensing and continuing education requirements vary by State.
  • College graduates have the best opportunities; competition will be keen for jobs as investigators because this occupation attracts many qualified people.
Compensation and Outlook
Median annual wages of wage and salary claims adjusters, examiners, and investigators were $55,760 in May 2008. The middle 50 percent earned between $42,400 and $70,860. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $34,140, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $84,260.
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Leon Capers
8/19/2010 3:01:11 PM
I have been an independent claims adjuster for property and casualty for several years and find it to be both rewarding and challenging. The median annual wages reflected here are accurate for staff adjusters. For those willing to take the risk of being independent, the wages are considerably higher, though you miss out on some of the benefits of health insurance. Being independent also enables you to work hard in spurts and then have lots of free time during the course of the year. Its definite
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